Capo Committee

Description : Coordinates and creates songs, chants, and in game activities.

Chairperson : Reginald McKie

Contact :

Club Events Committee

Description : Coordinates tailgates, watch parties, and all outside game activities.

Chairperson : Robert Stowe

Contact :

Communication Committee

Description : Manages social media interaction, website, tv radio appearances, and public relations

Chairperson : Curtis Jenkins

Contact :

Merchandise Committee

Description : Develops, sells, and manages Footie Mob’s inventory of merchandise

Chairperson : Martha Dixon

Contact :

Tifo Committee

Description : Creates and organizes the gameday tifo with the other Atlanta United FC supporter groups.

Chairperson : Angel Whitworth

Contact :

Philanthropy Committee

Description : Leads Footie Mob’s charitable efforts in Atlanta and the greater soccer community

Chairperson : Jeremy Martinez

Contact :

Travel Committee

Description : Plans and coordinates Footie Mob trips to away matches

Chairperson : Brandon

Board of Directors Representative : Terri Harrington

Contact :