What does it mean to be a Footie Mob partner?

One thing that makes Footie Mob different is that it does not have sponsors, Footie Mob has partnerships. We do not receive or provide any direct financial benefit from a partner – meaning we don’t receive or give cash as part of a partnership.

We sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each partner that does three simple things; 1 – says we’re partners, 2 – says we will only use the other’s logo on a case-by-case basis with permission, 3 – says our partnership will benefit Footie Mob members’ experiences and will benefit the partner agency in some way. An example of a benefit to members is the high quality drinks at tailgates; an example of a benefit to our partners is getting their product into the hands of the highest quality Atlanta United supporters.

How are partnerships established?

An agency approaches the Footie Mob board with a preliminary idea. The board discusses internally if a more detailed conversation will occur based on the agency, if we already have a partner that provides the same or similar benefit, and other criteria. Board members will hold conversations with the agency to understand how the partnership will be mutually beneficial. If both sides agree, the MOU is drafted and signed.

Have there been any agencies that conversations have started, but did not result in a partnership?

Yes. Some were immediately decided that it was not a good fit – the most common reason is we already have partners who fit in a category or area. Others got pretty far down the conversation but it didn’t move on to the final step. Partnerships have also ended.

Why do we partner with these agencies?

A primary criteria – but not a requirement – of any partnership with Footie Mob is that the agency is Metro Atlanta based or serves the area in a substantial way. A plus criteria is if the partner is somehow football, or more specifically Atlanta United, related. Another high level criteria is the partner provides something that will enhance the Footie Mob experience.

Obviously Midway, Grindhouse Decatur, and Meehan’s Vinings fit the first and third criteria. Grindhouse has also become an official sponsor of Atlanta United. Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead is a family owned dealership. Its service area includes Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The world class stadium (some call it a cathedral) is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of America. In this case, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead serves the Metro Atlanta area and is the official dealership of Atlanta United. Though we haven’t announced what’s planned with this partner, we are working on the details and will announce something soon. Wild Heaven and Creature Comforts meet the first and third criteria. Deep Eddy has obviously upped our tailgate game.

Soccer in the Streets is an exemplar agency meeting all three criteria. One thing we make clear is that a partnership with Footie Mob means we will utilize the partnership to benefit Soccer in the Streets.*

Does Footie Mob share any contact information or other information about individual members with partners?

No. Footie Mob does not share email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, or any other contact information or personal identifying information.

During the 2018 season, the board voted to restricted this information. At the 2019 season member meeting and party, the members unanimously voted to update the bylaws so that this information cannot be shared with any other agency – including the Atlanta United front office.

What if I want to be an official Footie Mob partner?

Email board@footiemob.com with an idea that fits the criteria listed above, and doesn’t duplicate something a current partner provides.

What if I have more questions about any of the partnerships Footie Mob currently has?

Ask a board member and they’ll answer the best they can, or they may connect you with the board member that handled the relationship building.

*The work is with and through Footie Mob to benefit Soccer in the Streets. We don’t dictate who Soccer in the Streets works with.